Monday, September 2, 2013

making time

I have issues with procrastination. And responsibility. Unless there is a deadline or someone by whom I am held accountable, things don't get done. Last month I forgot to pay mom's health insurance premium. Of all the bills I could've forgotten, that is the worst. I mean...brain cancer is expensive, y'all. But I let things slide, tuck papers into folders, and then weeks go by and all the bills are printed in bright red ink.

I stumbled upon this website today. I haven't used it (yet), but I think it could be a valuable tool. Setting an alarm or writing something in my, those I kind of brush aside. But if I'm at my computer and *poof* a chastising email from myself appears in my inbox, well, perhaps I'll actually do something.

Image: Dali's "The Woman in the Cosmos Dominating the World," lithograph, 1957, link.

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