Thursday, August 29, 2013

a few things i'd like to do

From what I gather, my mom has no regrets. She doesn't say "I wish I had..." She doesn't seem to feel as though she's missed out on life. I'm grateful for that.

The following is not a list to be checked off so that I rest peacefully. The list is to help me focus, to maintain a sense of wonder, and to inspire and motivate me. Inspired by Maggie of Mighty Girl. See her Life List here.

Visit an English bluebell wood
Fly a plane
Get private pilot license
Backpack Europe with J
Live off the land
Ride a motorcycle
Take a motorcycle trip (Blue Ridge? Rural China?)
Fly a helicopter
Write a book (and publish it)
Visit bioluminescent water
Learn yoga
Make a living doing something I love
Dinner at a top 50 restaurant
Go back to Ireland (and attend the Cape Clear Storytelling Festival)
Scan Cape Clear guide and publish online (9/17/13, the idea was that this guide not be lost forever, but the copyright owners told me they plan on continuing to publish. hurrah!)
Make exercise a part of my daily life
Buy a house
Sell a house
See the Grand Canyon
Climb a mountain
Feel sexy and confident again
Write a screenplay
Fish for dinner
Learn ballroom dance
See the redwoods
Learn to whistle
Bedside peonies
See the Aurora Borealis
Be in the presence of the Dalai Lama
Live debt-free
Build a house
Be conversational in five languages, English excluded: 1. Arabic, 2. Turkish, 3. French, 4. Farsi, 5. ?
Make jewelry
Create a piece of Arabic calligraphy
Memorize five poem or speeches: 1. Renascence, 2. Romance Sonambulo, 3. 4. 5.
Be there for B and R
Finish my MA
Get a PhD...?
Fall in love again
Own a manual transmission car
Ride a horse
Complete an MIT online course in one of the sciences
Re-visit printmaking (10/26/13 I've been working on a few calligraphy linocuts)
Ride in a seaplane
Visit Iran
Rock red hair
Re-learn the piano
Learn to play chess 
Learn to play go
Read more for pleasure
Learn self defense, a martial art, or krav maga
Finish an oil painting
Take B and R to the Aya Sofya
Stop buying bottled water (10/26/13 I've been using the awesome Life Factory glass bottle my dad bought me the last time I visited)
WWOOF again
Visit Patagonia
Make a piece of furniture
Do something special for A
Learn how to keep in touch with people
Start making books again
Do anything for PTSD vets
Take real time to explore the UK
Adopt a german sheperd rescue

Image: bluebells in England

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