Thursday, October 10, 2013

life in the ship is beautiful

Today mom thought she was on a ship, her bedroom one of many staterooms. I opened the blinds (which she always keep shut) and showed her our front lawn. That settled that. But it seemed a delusion a propos my previous post and I wanted to share.

It reminds me also of a quote from Iron Island (Jazireh ahani), directed by Mohammed Rasoulof. An abandoned oil tanker in the Persian Gulf becomes a home to many poor families. It is slowly sinking. The "teacher" to the many children on the boat has them repeat the following each day. I paraphrase:

"The sea is vast and spectacular.
The ship sinks more in the sea each day.
Life in the ship is beautiful."

I think it's a lovely credo.

Image: Gentile da Fabriano's "St. Nicholas Saving a Ship from the Tempest," c. 1425, link, from the predella of the Quaratesi Polyptych.

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