Friday, September 13, 2013

too much

If it were just the clogged kitchen drain, it would be fine. But it's not.

It's also the bathtub full of dirty dishes that must be washed there before I can get in to take a shower.

And once I rent the electric auger to get up to the roof vent to unclog the drain, I won't be allowed. My grandfather and some "buddy" will be by to do the (rather simple) job without me. Because I "don't need to know how to do that sort of thing."

And it's the sink, too, the handles of which have come loose and now turn nearly 360 degrees before the water shuts off.

And it's the refrigerator, which leaks pools of water at random intervals.

And the water heater, whose swan song sounds like a thunder storm.

The oven has a mind of its own, working when it pleases.

One entire wall of electrical outlets don't work.

One of our cats chooses to shit not in one of the two litter boxes, not on the linoleum spread around them, but on the hardwood floor just beyond.

Water damage was repaired around the chimney and I still have yet to paint the trim and mantle.

The windows need reglazing.

Our home is falling apart all around us, but it is a "good" day if I'm able to get out of bed before noon and pick up mom's prescriptions. Where do I find the energy to tackle any of the above? I have no desire to eat. If I don't have a terrible headache then it's debilitating nausea. What would I do without Netflix and beer?

Image: Eugene Atget's "Chiffonier" ("Ragpicker"), link.

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